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Kia ora, I'm Aunty Miri!

 My debut into aunt-hood came at the tender age of six, and is a
  role which brings me immense joy and purpose. I’m now known by
  many as ‘Aunty Miri’ (short for Miriam, so no need to roll the 'r').

                   Having initially delved into the world of graphic design, I've held 
              a decade-long aspiration to create a children’s book that I could both                write and illustrate. In 2023, the stars aligned to bring this dream into reality.
A catalyst to this was the success and support of a dear family friend, Linda Duncan (of The World’s Easiest Recipes).

After various experiences working with children, I’ve realised my calling. 
I’m passionate about nurturing the wellbeing of children and their families,
which has led me to embark on a Bachelor of Social Work. That’s how, in the
un-summer-y summer of 2022/23, while I was on a break from university,
The Blueberry Books were brought to life.

The Blueberry Books

Story Time_0.1x.jpg

This series aims to inspire moments of togetherness. Creating time to connect with children is so important and reading together presents a wonderful opportunity to be present in the moment. Through The Blueberry Books,
we also want to make a positive difference in the lives of children and
their families on a systemic level.

Our Social Impact 

A few years back, Aunty Miri spent two months in India
learning from social enterprises JOYYA (formerly Freeset)
and Holi Boli. Drawing from this experience, we operate as
a for-profit business, enabling us to financially support two
well established organisations that are working towards
creating a thriving and just society for future generations. 

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with Child Poverty Action Group's vision to see “an Aotearoa where all children and their whānau flourish free from poverty”. We have committed to donating two percent of our annual profit to support this mission. Furthermore, The Blueberry Books have established a partnership with Trees That Count. Through this initiative, we are contributing to a greener New Zealand, for generations to come.


We care about the future of children. That’s why we are partnering with these carefully chosen initiatives. To find out more about them, head over to our blog: All About: Child Poverty Action Group & Trees That Count.

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